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    Default Questions for Career guys

    I'm thinking of becoming a firefighter. It's a lot more exciting than my current desk job, but I have a few questions. I have contact lenses, is this ok? I take them out when I sleep, do you have time to put them back in if you get a emergency call at night? Also, what happens if you're going #2 and get an emergency call? It's not really a problem at my current job because my computer will still be there, but just asking.


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    Our Department allows contacts, they just expect you to have them in. If you cannot sleep with them in, then you should bring a pair of glasses to wear if you get a call in the middle of the night. But why not just by the disposables that you wear for a few days then toss?

    As for the #2 issue? You cut it short and get to your rig. If it's really bad and for wahetevr reason you cannot stop, they leave you behind if the call is nothing major. If the call becomes major once they leave, you find your own way there. POV most likley unless the other piece in your house is going later on.

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    As far as the contacts thing goes.......

    You definitely won't have the time to put contacts in when a call comes in. Wearing your glasses would be an option except for when you would need to wear your SCBA mask unless your uncorrected eyesight isn't that bad.

    As a practically blind without my contacts/glasses person, I'd recommend looking into extended wear disposable contacts since you are already wearing contacts. I've been wearing them for about 10 years now with no problems other than a little "dry eye" or "sticky eye" when I first get up, but that goes away quickly. I can usually wear them for several weeks before they need to be changed.

    LASIK surgery is also another option.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 85MikeGT View Post
    ...Also, what happens if you're going #2 and get an emergency call? ...
    I smell troll.

    But anyways. You ever hear of a manpon? Tones drop, you get one wipe in and then wad up some paper and shove it between your cheeks ---> Manpon!

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