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    Default Impairment testing requirements

    What are the testing requirements after restoring a fire protection system to service after it has been impaired. At our facility:

    Suppression system - functional test
    Detection - functional test

    However, there is an ongoing debate on what, if any testing, is required if we disable a detector or alarm annunciating device at our alarm panel.

    For example, if we are going to do hot work in an area that has a smoke detector, often times we will go to the fire alarm panel, disable the detector(s) at the panel, and then restore after the work is done. We do not touch the detector or wiring when we do this. We simply tell the alarm panel not to aknowledge any alarms from this device. When we disable a device, a trouble message comes up on the panel. When we reenable the device, the trouble message goes away. Part of my group says we have to test the detector. The other part says we don't since the trouble clears and we never touched the device.

    Any info with applicable NFPA standard would be most appreciated.


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    Sounds like you may have an addressable system

    When you put the device back online, the panel should start polling it, and if there is a problem panel should go into trouble

    If you have a clear panel it is assumed the device should work, I do not see a need to check the device

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