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    Default Dispatch Policies and Procedures

    Our department is dispatched by our local police department. We do not currently have any defined policies and procedures and thus we get a wide varity of dispatching with each dispatcher. I would like to have some more defined policies and procedures so we can start to standardize our dispatching procedures. If any one has any suggestions on where I can look or if you have any that you would be willing to share I would highly appreciate it.


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    I'm not sure what you mean by variety...do you mean the style in which the personnel dispatch or make announcement? All I can say about my dept is that we have a standardized sheet that tells us how the announcements are made over the PA and also over the radios. Some guys may give more or less information based on the situation and some guys may speak slower or faster but that is just the different personalities in all of us.

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    If the local PD that does your dispatching also works with other fire departments, ask them for their dispatch procedures (if any). Use their policies as a guideline.
    Review your calls for the last few months. Determine what about those dispatches you did not like and where you would like to see changes made. Incorporate those changes into the policies you want to create.
    Work with the PD in implementing these changes. Don't just walk into their dispatch center one day with a list and tell them to do it your way or else. I work in a dispatch center and have agencies do that to us. It does not breed good teamwork.
    Until now, your agency has not given them any guidelines, so their pages come you the way they think is best. It's great that you want make things better. Good luck.

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