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    Cool Training Officer Requirements?

    Is there any legal or documented limitations to becoming a Training Officer at a fire department? I've always been big on training, just wondering. . thanks guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashburn_2011 View Post
    Is there any legal or documented limitations to becoming a Training Officer at a fire department? I've always been big on training, just wondering. . thanks guys!

    The NFPA and most state agencies that regulate the fire training have standards in place for instructors.

    That being said, one should be an experience firefighter that desires to be an instructor.

    They must be very knowledgeable in all aspects of fire science and firefighting. Plus that should have a good speaking voice and not be afraid of being and speaking in front of an audience .
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    I am the "training officer" at my dept. With saying that i only have 10 years on the job so i use that term lightly. But i do try and do my best with the guys on are in house training and i find them classes to go to when they need them or ask me about them. My goal is to one day be an instructor and teach classes but until then i will keep doing research on here and other web sights for "in house" training for the guys.......and since i have took over about 6 months ago i have had good feed back from the guys and more people have started to come out for training so even if you dont know everything (me) the guys seem to be happy learning new things and brushing up on theres and (my) skills

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    There's training officers, and there's training officers.

    If your training officer is going to conduct formal, recognized training there are going to be certification requirements. Check with whoever handles your formal training (In NY it's the Office of Fire Prevention and Control - others it may be the state fire marshal or other office).

    On a more informal basis, you go with the guy (or girl) with the knowledge and experience. Training officer tends to be a longer term position, because if you have a good one, you want to keep them on the job.

    If you don't have a "one stop" expert, you might want to consider the concept of a training coordinator, which you can still call the training officer.

    Coordinating training allows the training officer to tap the experts in your department to conduct training or lead drills. The training officer's job is then to come up with topics for training and drills that meet statuatory requirements (OSHA 8 hour, f'rinstance) as well as being imaginative and interesting, and to talk the resident experts into leading the session.

    Odds are the resident experts will appreciate being recognized as such, and your FF's aren't faced with another boring lecture by Training Officer Snuffy, who could put a hyperactive kid to sleep...
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    Much like tree stated, in our department there is a difference between training officer and the instructor. The training officer simply coordinates signing up for classes and tracks the completion. The actual instruction is done by MFRI.

    Our officers lead departmental training, some of which is just reviewing the basics and practice.

    Now if you want to be able to certify the students, much more involved as mentioned earlier. Would probably need instructor certs as well as an approved training plan.

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