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Thread: Pocket guides

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    Most of us at my department carry a field guide that is basically a shrunk down copy of our protocols. Like was mentioned before, it is great to pull out and take a look at while you are enroute to a call that you do not run on a regular basis.
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    Every state has their own Protocols. Get them...learn them like it's going out of style...then get your Informed pocket guide. But remember it's only a GUIDE. Just a set of "standard" rule usually followed by most states. Remind yourself if you buy it your protocols WILL more than likely be slightly different & need to be attended to first.
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    They are very useful but only in between calls. You can only imagine what a patient would be thinking if you pulled out a "how to" guide and start flipping through the pages. You can certainly use them to gain some valuable information. For example I am only a basic but I have the ALS guide. Can I perform the technique's listed in there? No, but i can gain some knowledge not only for my self but to also assist paramedics in the equipment needed for the call etc etc. Be careful not to violate any of your local protocols or the departments SOP's

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