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    Default Need Driver Training SOG

    Anybody have a Driver Training Program/SOG for New and Experienced drivers...

    Thanks and Stay Safe

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncfirfighter View Post
    Anybody have a Driver Training Program/SOG for New and Experienced drivers...

    Thanks and Stay Safe
    Check with http://www.ncdoi.com/OSFM/

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    PM me your email, I'll send you PDF copies of our driver training/veh. operation directives, sign-off checklists, etc.

    Some highlites: we are taught EVOC in academy (16 hr. state mandated course); we also must pass certain prescribed off-road evolutions (cone course) such as parallel parking, diminishing-clearance, backing up, etc.; minimum 16 hours on road training w/ at least 4 of these hours at night; not to mention being proficient in operation of pump, aerial, or whatever the type of apparatus is to be qualifed upon; proficiency in "maintenance" - really just fluid checks; knowledge of fireground responsibilities (placement, establish water supply, drafting, relay pumping, ladder pipe, etc.). You must qualify to tiller before learning to drive a tiller piece. Oddly, we can't drive a squad until qualified to drive an engine or ladder.

    The actual qualification is two-part: the operations part or "fireman" stuff includes a written test of pump operations (or aerial, ladder, etc.) along with hands-on demonstration of skills, etc.; the safety side is written test of driving laws/directives/OPs, an on-road test, and sometimes the off-road cone course.

    Also, our directive on driver training does reference some NFPA standards:
    NFPA 1001 - Standard for FF Professional Qualification
    NFPA 1002 - Standard for Fire Apparatus Drive/Operator Professional Qualification
    NFPA 1021 - Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualification
    NFPA 1451 - Stanfdard for Fire Servce Vehicle - Operations Training Program
    NFPA 1500 - Stanfdard for Fire Dept. Occ. Safety/Health Program
    Opinions expressed are mine alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Philadelphia Fire Department and/or IAFF Local 22.

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    Pita, Philly's OP's are going to confuse them in NC!!
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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