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    Default Training Toolbox

    I'am looking to access the training toolbox you mention in your webcast on 1670. I'm currently revising our AVET program and would like to view some of the documents you mentioned were available as a word doc. D.C. JL NCFSA

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    I think this is what you are looking for:

    The University of Extrication: Trainer's Tool Box

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    Default Trainers Toolbox

    Smitty, Thanks very much. This was exactly what I needed. Stay Safe JL.

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    The University of Extrication "Trainer's Toolbox" was created a year ago to help fellow extrication instructors. The contents is an assorted group of documents that I use when I conduct hands-on rescue classes. I have been sued by a student in an extrication class and I frequently testify as an expert witness in court cases where firefighters, fire officers, or instructors find themselves being sued. It's not pretty!

    Everything we do in a skills-type training environment should be to pro-active to work towards preventing any damage, loss, or injury. I have come to realize however that documentation is a key defense when the unexpected does happen.

    If an extrication instructor used my skills training checklist and documented its use, then whatever might go wrong might never happen in the first place. But when you are called in to make a deposition, having taken the time to use this one document could make a significant difference in the outcome of the potential lawsuit. There's a lot of other good resources there for you that I am sharing.

    Inside the Trainer's Toolbox is;
    Rescue Airbag Life Span,
    Acquired Vehicle Checklist,
    Power Backfeeding,
    Cover Your Sharps,
    Evolutions Checklist,
    Eyewear Protocol,
    Hand Tool Challenge,
    Hands-On Introduction notes,
    Model MVA SOG,
    New Technology Vehicle Tour,
    PPE Safety protocol,
    Skills Safety Guidelines,
    Stripping Trim protocol,
    and the ToolBox Intro.
    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Default Toolbox

    Thanks for the info. Your insight as to the liability aspect was EYE OPENING. After I evaluated our program I found we could be put in a bad spot with lack of documentation. I'm working to correct this right now. Thanks again. DC John L

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