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    Default MFRI Firefighter 1

    Hi y'all.
    I'm an (semi-new) EMT-b about to branch out into fire/rescue as well. I'm currently at college in Maryland, and was planning to take Firefighter 1 through the local MFRI center. However, I'm originally from PA, and was wondering if my Maryland FF will carry over and be recognized in Pennsylvania.

    Thanks for your help

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    Contact Bob Rose at MFRI and ask but all MD certs are either IFSAC or Pro-Board. I believe PA is a Pro-Board state so it should be ok.
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    Awesome. Thanks a lot

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    Another word of advice for you as someone going through the rigmarole of certification equivalency and reciprocity for various things. Make sure you actually get all your certificates for everything you do. Make copies of them, do not let your department or school keep the only copy. And even better, scan them and keep them saved as PDF files. When it comes time to apply for reciprocity or equivalency in another state, you can hit print and have all the certs you need
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    As nmfire said make copies.

    Better yet in Virginia, the Virginia Department of Fire Programs gives the student the original certificate. Make several copies for files at the fire department, administration, training, company level.

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