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    Question Where do I start.....

    I sometimes just don't know what to say.....

    Mr. Cassidy concludes the spot stating, "The truth is that New York City Firefighters inhale more toxic smoke at one fire, than the average citizen's exposure to a lifetime of second hand smoke. This is just another reminder that New York City Firefighters have the most dangerous job in America."
    Link to full article.....

    ummmm.....isn't that what air packs are for????

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    I know what you mean. I hope the statement is just a lot of courtroom hyperbole. Anything I ever see of FDNY in the media is pretty consistently on air.

    That said, in any big city there's an air-budgeting issue. If you go on air the instant you get the slightest whiff of smoke--say on the 5th floor--but don't hit true fire conditions until the 9th floor, you have wasted an awful lot of air and won't be able to accomplish much.
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    And there're still volunteers as well as paid guys who look at you sideways when you pile off packed up even though you aren't drawing air yet until you get inside.They have the idea that you can't be a man 'cause you don't take as much smoke as them.
    That one house fire where the wind shifted on us and I couldn't stop coughing for days made me start packing up whenever the LT put me on the tip.(both times)
    I grew up with smokers for parents and I briefly took it up myself but I don't really see the attraction to taking in burnt residue from a fire into your lungs.
    Off a grill I can understand but you don't know what all is burning in that house,shed,warehouse or motor vehicle so it's best to stay out of the smoke and on air if you have to go near it.But that's just me.

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