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    Hey yall ive been putting in apps. for sally port and since im a pretty new fireman I dont have the certs they require to be a fire fighter. But I put in for a job decription that they call first responder. I read the job description and it sounds like a job as a haz mat incident response team, I know it aint on a fire truck but I love haz mat and I also part time with a emergency haz mat response team here in Georgia. I have alot of diffrent Haz Mat certs but the job description wasnt very good I was wondering if any of yall had heard of it or know any info thanks and stay safe

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    All you will do there is inspect buildings for Hazmat storage (oil-POL's). The money is the same as firefighting. All you have to do is deal with site supervisors treating you like dirt and harassing to the breaking point. It's still a job so good luck.
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