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    Exclamation Paid on Call Physical Agility Test

    Do any departments do a physical agility test for paid call or volunteer candidates? If so, what is involved?

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    Just depends on the department, but I would think most do. The all volunteer department I am on does do a physical test. We make candidates do a charged hose drag, spray some water, carry a high rise pack, hose hoist up about 2 floors, forcible entry simulation, and rescue dummy drag. The time limit is very generous for us, but times requirement may vary. You can look up CPAT and get a good idea of what you can see.

    Best advice is to get with the department you are interested in and just ask a firefighter there or an officer that might know the specifics.

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    I am one of our Paid-On Call/Part Time FF's and we had to do a Run during a certain amount of time, push ups, pull ups, etc.

    The whole agility test though is about to change and I am not sure what the new one is going to be like.

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