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    Default PPV fan info--RAMFAN

    Looking for any input on RAMFAN positive pressure blowers. We are on a budget fr a ppv fan and it cannot be taller than 23". We were looking to get one with a honda motor, and i know nothing about this company. We specifically are looking at the GF165.

    Search did not turn up too much....
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    Not sure if you guys are still in the market- my first department used this and my current department also employs these fans.

    However, my first department has taken on a chief who knows a lot more about PPV and they quickly upgraded their fan to a new version with a higher torque propeller that generates about 5 times more airflow and is the same size- in fact it's better in some respects in that it has an adjustable tripod built into it. In talking with the guys, the difference is night and day and at least worth consideration. And by consideration I mean SERIOUS consideration.

    I can get the model for you if you're still looking. Quite frankly, it's a significant upgrade on the original idea.
    Ian "Eno" McLeod

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