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    Default Associate's Degree options

    I am finishing up school and I have a choice to get an Associate's Degree in Fire Science or a non specific degree (associate's in arts). I have been getting differing points of view on which degree to complete and I would like your opinions.

    I know for certain that when it comes to Criminal Justice, everything that is studied for an associate's degree is covered in the police academy. Therefore, you might as well get a non specific degree and not cover the same material and also so that you are closer to earning a bachelor's degree.

    When it comes to the Fire Science associate's degree, is everything covered in the fire academy that was covered in the associate's degree?

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    Depends on the academy but not normally

    What do you want a 4 yr degree in? Would take classes that count as much as possible towards that degree so you are not wasting classes and money

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    This may be considered somewhat heretical, but I think you should go with the more generalized two year degree. As you progress in your development/career, you can make decisions about going after more specific subject matters. My belief is that you shouldn't start narrowing options right now as you have no real idea where life will take you. The benefit of a two year FS degree vs. any other two year degree is very small in terms of your getting a badge in my humble opinion, so keep your options open.

    No matter what you think you want to do with a career in the fire services, you've got to start out a recruit at the bottom of the totem pole, so you'll get more out of the academy at this time in terms of FS knowledge than the two year degree. Later on, degrees in FS, emergency services management, or possibly Public Admin. would be more beneficial to your development.

    Hope this helps.


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