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    Default Stress Test coming up...

    I have a stress test coming up and ive never done one before. I consider myself to be in good shape and have never had a problem passing any kind of PAT test, but a friend of mine told me that the stress was hard. What should i expect?

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    Post what 2 wxpect

    A treadmill test that will get you up too your MHR but it is not really bad. so dont be too affraid.

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    It is part of my pre-employment physical, that is the only reason why i am "stressin it". No pun intended...

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    Quote Originally Posted by FireFuss View Post
    Don't get into a jog or a run on the treadmill. You'll find it much easier, although funny looking too, to just WALK as fast as possible the whole time. You expend a lot more energy once to start jogging. I've done 3 of them, and all 3 made it to the max incline and had the doc tell me it was "ok for you to stop now". Don't get me wrong, it's not easy, but you'll have an easier time if you speed walk it.
    Great advice! Thank you!

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    A stress test is a medical test used to determine multiple things. Some things a doctor will look for is if there are any ECG changes, or abnormalities in your heart's electrical conduction, abnormal heartbeats, and time it takes to reach your maximum heart rate for your age.

    This is a medical test, and rarely is used to rank you between other candidates. The only way this could be used to rank you is the time it takes to reach your max heart rate, but even that is medical information and may be protected.

    You have nothing to worry about, it's just a test a doctor uses to make sure your heart is a-okay to be a firefighter.

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