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    Default 3000 Ambulance Runs

    We are a department of 30 members serving a population of 1700 (city) 1500 (rural) averaging 200 fire and ems calls per year 60% of those calls being EMS runs. We recently had a member reach a milestone I have never heard of or thought of reaching. This member has ran his 3000th ambulance run to the hospital in one of our ambulances. This February will mark his 50th year of service with our department.

    Does anyone have any stories of your members excelling in the "service" area. I would like to hear them. I really enjoy hearing about guys that have dedicated so much to their respective volunteer departments. Thanks Guys!

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    I read the srticle they did and it was great to see the dedication of this volunteer. I know his son and he speaks very highly of his father. His dedication to the fire service has definitely been passed on to his son.
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