I know in the climbing world this is always a point of contention with some, but wanted to see what some of your views on it is. When are you using the self eualizing anchor and why?
When I use the s.e.a it is due to not having a fixed point after the anchor to go thru. For example, I am working of the side of a cliff ( not on the edge on the face) and my load is going to be moving side to side and not in one striaght direction in line with the anchor. This allows for my anchor to always be with the load durring movement. Also Im not worried about if one part of the anchor comes out the whole system being at a point that I would not be able to work it ( like it going over the side of a roof top).

A fixed anchor I use when I have a fixed point for the load line to run thru between the anchor and the load. Thoughts??