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    Default Honda Civic Hybrid, Side-Resting, Driver Trapped

    Received this image of a side-resting, driver's side down Honda Civic Hybrid incident. The only occupant was the seated and belted driver. Rescue personnel discovered undeployed roof airbags.

    Roof lay down was accomplished by cutting the A-pillar and then cutting beneath the stored gas inflator on the C-pillar although this took a lot of effort and was more difficult than expected.

    What are the steps or procedures you would have had your team accomplish in this roof-removal situation?
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    Ron Moore, Forum Moderator

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    Inverted steps chocks placed under the pillars (A,B,C) on the driver's side of vehicle followed by buttress stabilization on both sides of vehicle. Shut down the vehicle either by accessing the ignition switch (requires removing windshield) or accessing the 12 volt battery and main fuse located in the engine compartment by opening the hood. Turning off the ignition & removing the key or cutting the negative battery cables & removing the main fuse will shut down both the internal combustion engine and the electric motor along with shutting down power to the airbags and seatbelt pretensioners. Once patient is fully protected remove remaining tempered glass (passenger side windows and rear window). Expose interior of passenger side pillars (A,B,C) looking for compressed gas cylinders or other obstructions in cut zones prior to cutting the pillars. Remove any remaining tempered glass in the driver's side windows while supporting the patient. Expose interior of driver's side pillars (A,C) looking for compressed gas cylinders or other obstructions prior to notching the A & C pillars. Lay the roof down while supporting the patient. Disconnect or cut the seat belt and extricate the patient on a long spineboard. The seatback could also be reclined back for further access to the patient.
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    Would have looked JUST like THAT.Along with the steps my esteemed colleague ejfeicht outlined. T.C.

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