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    Default What is the application process for fire academies?

    Hey I'm a junior in high school and I'm looking to be a firefighter right out of high school and I'm trying to find the best way to accomplish that. I'm wondering what the application process for fire academies are where you are accepted onto the department and then trained rather than just going to fire college and trying to get a job after I get my certs. I'm planning on applying to a lot of different academies across the country so if anyone could provide me with links to the websites of really any fire academy that would be appreciated, since I haven't been able to find much online so far. Also somewhat off topic would it be possible to be in the Army or Marine reserves while being a firefighter, because I am also interested in military service.

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    Each state and sometimes each city has their own process and requirements

    Would go to a near by station and set down and talk to them to see what is needed in your area

    Also you can check different city fire dept web sites for minimum requirements

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