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    Hey everyone.
    I have been wanting to be a firefighter for many years now.
    i just graduated high school and now attending community college.
    I am planning on getting my degree in fire science. and then moving on from there.
    I am looking for any comments or tips on the best possible way on going about getting into a department.

    Thank you for the help.

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    You don't say where you live or where you want to live.

    Look and find department which are taking applications. Apply at those. Be sure they will train you once you are hired. This is a better way IMO.

    Florida requires you to take the certification courses and then apply at departments. Other states are the same. Virginia, Maryland are like that. You take an entrence teat and jump through all the hops and get hired.

    They will pay you a good salery, unsually arounf $40,000 to begin and also send you to school on their dime and teach you what they want you to know and certifiy you.
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    Welcome to the site..... Enjoy the vast knowledge that is represented here.
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