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    Quote Originally Posted by johnny46 View Post
    If unions booted substandard members, they would be looked upon as an assurance of quality work. Too often, unions protect people who don't do their jobs, and there is a common attitude of entitlement amongst public workers. We need unions, but the unions need to do what's right, not simply what will benefit them.
    Very well said. My FD isn't unionized, but my full time job is, and I see that crap all the time unfortunately.

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    Post WTF Pawlenty

    Thanks Nate. My Dept is one of two in our county which is NOT paid on call. We get a yearly sum towards our retirement. That's IT!!!!!

    Now, my "job" I'm a "County Guy". Our "step increases" we got in 2010 but not 2011 and we got NO Cost of Living Allowance for either year. This is the States' largest county. I don't know how Mr. Pawlenty can even touch on the subject.

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