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    Afternoon fellas,

    We're running into an issue with our guys on the fireground getting feeback from each other's portables. Happens even in the rig en route to the call. I looked around previous posts think I found the answer: Cover your lapel mic if someone else is keying up and talking. I found it in this closed thread:
    "Feedback on Lapell Mics"
    http://www.firehouse.com/forums/t115307/ (feedback on lapell mics)

    Just wondering about your depts. Does everyone on the fireground that has a portable have it ON at all times? I would assume yes. If ON, are you scanning or locked onto 1 channel?

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I found another related post worth reading, especially if you are new to this forum.
    "A Radio For Every Firefighter"
    http://www.firehouse.com/forums/t124398/ (A radio for every firefighter)

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    It can and does happen on our scenes - sometimes among command staff, which may be from several different fire departments.

    Because all crew members on the railroad I volunteer with have radios, it's second nature to me to reach for my mic when someone near me is about to key up.

    For safety reasons, we need to keep our radios on. If I call a crew member and they don't answer, I have an immediate concern for their welfare. Usually it means they just weren't listening, or turned their radio down for some reason. Either gets a stern reprimand from me.
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    We have Motorola radios on a 800 system. We had the same problem until recently. Our radio tech discovered that the microphone gain was set too high. They were able to go into the system and adjust it for a couple of our companies as a test. Now our crews can be right next to each other with radios at full volume and transmit with no feedback. They are currently reprogramming all of the radios. The only concern was that the user might have to talk more directly into the mic because the gain was reduced. But this hasn't proven to be a problem. The mics still seem to be picking up our voices just fine.

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    [QUOTE=Skojo;1353765]We're running into an issue with our guys on the fireground getting feeback from each other's portables. Happens even in the rig en route to the call. I looked around previous posts think I found the answer: Cover your lapel mic if someone else is keying up and talking. QUOTE]

    We have this issue as well. Like tree said, I've try to cover my lapel mic when I know somebody close is going to key up. I've also gotten into a habit of turning away from other radios when I'm getting ready to key up. The more inconvient issue is feedback from speakers on the rigs. Can't cover them, just have to move away from the rig.

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    Every Firefighter & Officer in my house (100% volunteer) is issued a portable radio which can be left at station or kept at home. Then EVERY officer has a mobile radio in their personal vehicle. Firefighters use their personal id and check in route to station unless they are an emt then they can go the the scene. Officer's use their unit number to check in route to station or scene.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LVFD301 View Post
    3. The radio ID plate. Wow. Can you name one instance where this has been an FCC issue on a type certified or authorized piece of equipment? It is required to be there during the sale, but 10 years down the road no.
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    I sold two way radios for 22 years. Most of the departments I worked with had a radio for each individual. The radio was assigned, by serial number, to an individual who sighed a contract making him responsible for the well being of the radio with a replacement cost if he lost it or if it was damaged.

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    Bringing up old stuff here I see.....

    We issue radios to the officers, Lieutenants, Captains, Assistant Chief and Chief...and to most of the EMS people, the rest are on the vehicles. We have an SOG that says basically you can talk if you have to, otherwise shut up.
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