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    Default Rookie Needs Advice

    So I am a fresh EMT-B and looking for a job but also just an opportunity for experience. I have little knowledge of what I need to do or who I need to talk to. I have been searching and applying for everything I see but wondered if anybody know what fire departments I should check with. I have no interested in fire but the rescue stuff obviously would be up my alley. I am fine with volunteering for a local department but don't know of any close around me. I live by MetroWest on Kirkman. Any advice would be great appreciated and I look forward to getting to know some of you on here!

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    Not many places do EMT only. Good luck getting a job anywhere other than an ambulance service or a hospital. If that's what you want, go for it.

    Fire departments in Florda, for the majority, require EMT-B and FF2 at a minimum, along with a clean driving record. Many places will also require EVOC due to the occasional response in which one must drive auxillary fire apparatus (water tenders, brush trucks, air/light trucks, rescue ambulances).
    Also, fire departments here will do the majority of EMS transports, thus you should have your firefighter certification. They also have the rescue part on lockdown. No EMS service in FL that I know of, with the exception of the Highlands County EMS will perform any sort of technical rescue.

    If you are searching for a job with an ambulance service, consider yourself at the bottom of the list if your driving record is anything less than perfect. EMT's will do the majority of the driving.

    Otherwise, indeed.com is a wonderful website to search for jobs under. Keep an eye out for hospitals. They're a great place to start and network. It's fun too, that's where I started.

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    Not listenting or believing people who try to help you out is not a great skill set while still in "rookie" phase.


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