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    Default Who serves as your public information officer?

    We have noticed a variety of personnel in the role of public information officer for departments from coast to coast. Who plays the role of PIO in your department? Is it a full-time position, a split position (such as fire marshal/PIO) or just the chief or incident commander as requested.

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    Our PIO is which ever unlucky white hat on scene that gets the nod!
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    At work, we have a primary and a back-up PIO. They're both assigned as fire marshals.

    In my volly county, I often end up with the task, which is fine with me, I enjoy the role.
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    My fd has an assigned member who works out of the fire marshal's office.

    I have been a "voice", years back before the PIO position was established.

    Usually someone well versed in the department and knows how to speak without embarrassing the FD!
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    I am the PIO. I have a degree in public communications.
    The PIO duty is one of the many hats I wear at my FD.
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    Our Deputy Chief is our Department P.I.O. However, if he is not around we will either refer it to the I.C. or the Public Affairs Officer if they are on scene. The Colonel has also been a P.I.O. for us, honestly depends on who is there and wants to wear that "hat".
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    Each department chief or ranking officer serves as the defacto PIO however, I am designated by our townwide chiefs association as the PIO. For larger incidents, I am activated to the scene. I will also assist with press for smaller events if called. However, I do not assume the authoirty as PIO for every incident but do serve as a single point of contact for the media. Many calls come to me and are sent out to the appropriate officer if needed.

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    Default Pio

    We are a small combination department in southeast Louisiana. I am a volunteer and have been assigned PIO duties for several years by the chief. In my line of work as a small business owner I have developed relationships over the years with the local media which have been very advantageous to our department receiving, what I believe to be, the majority of the PR of all the departments in our Parish. These relationships include all the local media, including radio, newspaper and television. I believe an active PIO can be a trememdous asset to all departments, volunteer or professional. These relationships also are critical to complimenting our fire prevention and education programs each year.

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    the fire marshal if on scene. if not, then a chief officer.

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    Me (I'm an assistant chief), because I don't mind it and nobody else wants it. I do have some experience with TV and radio, and I do a lot of writing for the media at work, so I handle our print press releases too.

    If I'm at work or otherwise indisposed, I guess our chief would be the reluctant Plan B. We are a volunteer department running 140-ish calls a year, so it's rare that we need a PIO for television. I've always been there so far. Any other medium is less time-dependent, so I can usually whip up a release when I get back in circulation.
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    For our department it is usually one of our two fire marshals, however if they are unavailable it usually falls upon whichever unlucky officer is available that the Chief points to and says go talk to the camera. Thankfully I am a lowly new hire rookie firefighter and won't be doing that job anytime soon.
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    The IC normally is the one that will brief the media on the bread and butter fires. In the event it is a larger issue either the Deputy Chief or the admin BC will do the brief letting the IC continue with the tasks at hand.

    We are aware of the local media needs on deadlines and try to work with them in that respect.

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