In prevention we seem to find ourselves talking to more and more children. Why? Because elementary education has fire safety in their curriculum so access is easier, teachers know their kids are fascinated by firefighters and fire trucks, and let’s face it….it’s fun as hell to work with children. Wanna feel like Hanna Montana or Sponge Bob….walk into a daycare wearing a firefighter uniform!

But what about high school students? They are the baby sitters in this increasing Latchkey society, cooking and caring for younger siblings. They are about to head off to college where our fire problem has recently increased. They will soon become parents themselves.

The challenge? They are no longer awed by firefighters and fire trucks. They could put Google out of business because they know it all. They are quick to write off what they feel is unimportant, frequently challenge authority - especially the substitute teacher which is the target we present when we make our guest appearance.

But we cannot ignore this group! Not only for the reasons given above, but fire safety is a topic that must be constantly reinforced and high school is a major development gap that needs to be addressed.

What have you done successfully for this particular group? What program are out there, what is being done to address this need? Even if your efforts were not successful, share it! Even if your program is still in your head, tell us about it?

No time to reinvent the wheel……..let’s get moving!