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Thread: Bridle Systems

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    Default Bridle Systems

    Hey Guys,
    I'm looking for some new ideas for stokes basket bridle systems. Call it boredom or a continuos desire to learn... at any rate if you have a pic please post it with a description of the system itself and any features you particularly like.
    Mike Donahue
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    Manufactured 4-leg adjustable bridle w/ bullring, which seems to work in most cases. Used the yosemite rig in training various times pretty much the same as the previous manufactured bridle, just less metal which seems to be a bonus, less to get stuck/rust, etc... Also have used webbing or strap at head, jigger/aztec to feet for vertical to horizontal. - I personally think this is the most versatile especially for long lower/raises where Pt positioning may become an issue or may need to be done during the operation for one reason or another. How about preferences for mainline/belay attachments, ex - Double long tail bowlines w/ carabiner clipped through each then to the bullring, with one tail to basket one tail to Pt. Does anyone have other set ups they prefer, and reasons for it? How much redundancy do you require or think is appropriate?
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    Got to say I am becoming a big fan of this style of rigging. The one big thing is the added control for pulling the load or letting it ride down. In the pic you can see a line that connects the trolley to the front of the basket and rear also. I know that Grimpmaster has some better pics and information on this.
    Sorry I know Im a little off topic. As for the bridal system that I use, that comes down to the situation that I am in. The one main new technique that I am looking at adopting in place of using the four finger prusik or the six for level adjusters is to use a V.T or Distel hitch instead. These hitches allow for easyer adjustment up and down. Also another I assume "out of the box thought" I was looking at testing out is a littler control for th basket attendent. By this I mean in the case that the hauling team some how jams up or is in a position that they cant move the attendent and basket, the attendent will be able to assume control over the both thier self and basket. Allowing them to lower each other to a safe point in order for the haul team to safely readjust. Doing this without adding to much equipment in the way is my main point of concern. I do think I have a good idea of how to do it, I will have to post some pictures and get all of your thoughts.
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    Here is what we use, very adjustable, inexpensive and easy to replace.
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    Jason Brooks
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    Here's a thread with a couple various ones in it and some discussion of the systems.

    http://www.firehouse.com/forums/showthread.php?t=113029 (Picture of your Litter Bridle Setup)
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    Quote Originally Posted by stickboy42 View Post
    Here's a thread with a couple various ones in it and some discussion of the systems.

    http://www.firehouse.com/forums/showthread.php?t=113029 (Picture of your Litter Bridle Setup)
    We've changed from the double rings to a single steel tri-link up front. No issues with the rings, just cleans it up a little.

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