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    Default Apparatus air bags

    Looking at the KME website and I noticed they included 4 front frontal air bags. I went to the suppliers website and they said it is a Pierce exclusive item. Do both manufacturers offer this?

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    It was exclusive to Pierce for about 18 months but that time limit has long expired. It looks like it is time for IMMI to update its website.

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    I have been wondering about this issue for a while now. We all know front airbags are mostly useful... but in fire apparatus, how often are there injuries related to front impacts? Just shooting from the hip, I would think side airbags (rollover/side-impact) would be more beneficial... but obviously, it would be ideal to have both. Then there's also the crew area dilemma. What about the guys in the back? Granted some are rear-facing, but that doesn't offer much in a roll-over. Just my thoughts...

    Back to the original post, I believe more and more builders are offering front airbags now... I'll look into it.

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    Kind of drifting off subject, but I believe that IMMI's exclusive with Pierce on their SCBA holder is also expired or nearly expired. If you really like them, they should be available on other rigs as well soon.
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