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    Ok - 20 plus years as a strictly "volunteer" - then the last ten as a POC - so that means I have lost my dedication to the community ? Dang - thanks for enlighting me.

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    Some good points to look at from Marshal but it all depends on what definition you are looking at as for a volunteer. I volunteer to go to a call when the pager goes off. There is no one standing over me saying when the pager goes off you have to go. There might be some sort of regulation on how many calls you have to make to stay on the department but I still volunteer to go to the calls I can. Unlike a career where when you are working and getting paid you HAVE to go on calls. I still think it is hard to consider getting a shirt that I am required to wear while at training or PF events as getting paid or not being a volunteer. Either way right or wrong good or bad my county considers me a volunteer firefighter and that is what I will say I am.

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    Our guys get $12 a year "pay", does that make them not volunteer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief2505 View Post
    Our department is 100% volunteer. No one is compensated for making trainings, fire or ems calls. No one is reimbursed for expenses they incur in getting to or from a call or training.

    Now once a month pizza is delivered to the business meeting and water and soda are provided for after calls or for the guys that are working on the station or one of the trucks. There are some here that will consider the pizza, water and soda as compensation or even the Tshirt the guys are given but is supposed to be returned when they leave the department.

    Lets go so far as to say the bunker gear they wear is compensation, after all wearing it does benefit the member.

    My belief is there are three classifications;

    Career; you are paid to be at the station for your assigned shift
    Paid on Call; siomply put, you are getting paid for showing up
    Volunteer; you show up because you want to give back to the community, you are not there for the money. you are there to help, you are there for the brotherhood.

    I have always said if you want to pay me per call then pay me what I am worth for that call. Dont bother throwing $5 an hour at me for a call. If you are going to call me PAID then pay me the going rate that full time career firefighters get per hour.

    That is why I and my department are strictly volunteer. No pay per call, no clothing allowance, no reimbursements.
    In my department, we receive LOSAP, Medical benefits through the town including a complete physical exam yearly, free rec passes, property tax breaks, a $200 tax credit by the state once per year. The state considers us to be volunteers since we do not receive a regular paycheck.
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