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    Default Forcible Entry Simulator

    We have a old metal door and door frame we saved from the old station and would like to build a forcible entry simulator. Just looking for ideas as to what other departments have come up with. Pictures/sketches are greatly appreciated.

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    We took an old metal door, took some 4 or 5 inch wide angle iron and welded a frame for the size of the door. Just be sure to build a stable platform and good welds. Also where the knob would be we just removed the handles and built "metal hinges" if you will, with some half inch wood sticks to simulate the lock. Took about 3 hours to build, weld and finish the little stuff. We use it all the time and it works great. All you need is some free time, cutting torch, welder, and be a little creative.
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    Check vententersearch.com and they have a section specifically for stuff like this.
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    Agreed on VES, as I recall there was a post on this forum about a couple of months ago on a homemade one. I just can't seem to track it down.
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    It won't last very long for forcing the door training. I would concentrate more on through the lock training.

    We have several lock sets mounted in pieces of wood so people can practice using "K" tool keys.
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    East Coast Rescue Solutions has a very cool forcible entry door simulator they came up with.

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