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    Quote Originally Posted by FWDbuff View Post
    What a shame.

    6Duron1 is back on line. He must have served his time out in the in penalty box.
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tajm611 View Post
    Yet you'd be willing to put your rural volunteers in an urban environment and expect them to perform flawlessly.

    Either way, I'd put a first week rookie against you any day of the week.
    Actually no, our volunteers are trained to operate in the rural enviroment. We have no need to train them for urban operations as we do not respond into the city.

    My last VFD our volunteers were trained to operate in urban conditions as we had multiple story sprinklered and non-sprinklered hotels, college dorms and offices buildings, and several unsprinklered indutrial buildings. In addition, we ran auto mutual aid into a small city (also covered by an all-volunteer department) with urban charecteristics.

    That being said, if we were in an more urbanized enviroment, it wouldn't be difficult to teach hydrant operations as compared to rural water, and instead of working on rural concerns such as brush fire ops and gas drilling site ops, we would train on strip mall and large commercial and residental building operations.

    In some cases, they may be able to perform as full-role firefighters. In others, they may only be able to function as limited role firefighters, which is acceptable, depending on the time they had available for training.

    I personally know of several all-volunteer departments that operate in semi-urban or urban enviroments and do just fine.
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