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    Question Screens for MVA's

    I was wondering if anyone out there works on a department where screens are in use to block rubber neckers from slowing and looking at MVA's. I remember seeing them in a news clip a while back and thought it was a good idea. Our dept is in the process of outfitting a new heavy rescue and I am trying to research where to get these or if anyone who has them can give me some pros and cons or any other feedback. I have already thought about welders screens and using an opaque canvas to block the view but I doubt they will withstand any amount of wind. Thanks.

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    I've seen them made on scene using a salvage cover and a couple tripods for portable lights. I think they just zip tie them. Only time I have seen them used is for a fatal that will be on the road for a while. Never had time to think about something like that in the early stages personally.

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    This is what my son-in-law uses on the highways.


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