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    Default Education question

    Does anyone know if there is a school that will offer you everything like EMT-B to Paramedic and other stuff like FF1, and FF2? I will move anywhere in the US.

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    Check out Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute (MFRI). It's part of the University of Maryland. They offer all of the fire and rescue courses as well as EMT-B. They do not offer Paramedic, but there are several other colleges that do offer this program. The best part is that it's free to members of volunteer fire departments in Maryland.

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    There are some colleges in NYS that offer Fire Protection degrees- generally you do need to be a member of an FD (Vol or career) to take some of the classes.

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    Most of the work is self paced. Online, then you go to their facility for a set time::::


    Once you get your certs, check this::::


    Sorry for the generic cut and paste
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    thanks to all of you that is really helpful.

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