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    Default How Many Possible Battery Locations Are There Really?

    We all complain about the challenge of locating the 12-volt battery or batteries on vehicles we encounter at our crash scenes. So I thought, let's see how many locations for batteries we can come up with.

    1) Engine compartment: Obviously under the hood within the engine compartment is still the most common location.

    2) Trunk: Within the trunk, either in a side wheelwell or under the center floor area

    3) Under a rear seat: The older GM Buick and Oldsmobile vehicles introduced the battery under the rear seat challenge

    4) Under the front passenger floorboard: The Smart Car's battery is under the floor area where the front passenger would put their feet

    5) Inside a driver's side front wheelwell: The Chrysler Cirrus is just one example of a car with its' 12-volt battery inside the driver's side wheelwell just behind the front bumper.

    So there's our first five locations. What other one's are there that we could encounter and on what vehicle(s)? Who's the battery expert out there?

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    Here are a few more:
    VW Touareg 2003-2011 5 dr SUV under driver’s seat
    2003-2010 Auxiliary battery -rear baggage compartment (optional)

    Porsche Cayenne 2002-2011 5 dr SUV under driver’s seat
    2002-2007 Auxiliary battery -rear baggage compartment (optional)

    Chevrolet SSR 2004-2006 2 dr pickup under the vehicle behind the rear axle

    Mercedes Benz SL class 2 dr Cabriolet 2001 -2011 Main battery - rear trunk right side, Auxiliary battery- engine compartment right side firewall

    Mercedes Benz M class 5 dr SUV 2005-2011 under front passenger seat

    VW Phaeton 2002–2011 4 dr Sedan Main battery left side rear trunk
    Auxiliary battery- right side rear trunk.

    Cadillac DTS 4 dr Sedan -2006-2011 under rear seat

    Buick Enclave 5 dr SUV 2007-2011 in the floor behind front passenger seat

    GMC Acadia 5 dr SUV 2006-2011 in the floor behind front passenger seat

    Sprinter van 2500,3500 2003-2007 Main battery- engine compartment
    left side, Auxiliary battery- under front passenger seat

    Sprinter van 2500, 3500 2007-2011 Main battery under floor between front drivers and passenger seats, Auxiliary battery -engine compartment left side:

    Try and find the positive disconnect and battery for the Suzuki XL-7 5 dr SUV 2006- 2009....
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    The other thing we have found is that folks running the "Fast & Furious Style" of street racing cars often move the battery to allow additional performance parts in the engine compartment. We have found batteries relocated from their original location in the engine compartment to the rear of the vehicle. In both cases a cable had been ran on the inside along the passenger side rocker panel from front to rear.

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    Most ambulances have batteries hidden somewhere in the box. If there is a battery under the hood it's never the only one. Finding a single ground to cut isn't usually possible. We had to deal with this on a drivers side down with entrapment.

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