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    Default Reaching the Battery on a Roof-resting Vehicle

    OK, people are trapped but the car is roof-resting. You have been assigned to shut down the 12-volt power. Let's say that for some reason you know for sure that the battery is within the engine compartment on this particular car.

    Since the upside-down car is engine heavy, the hood is touching the ground and can't be used like we normally do to reach the battery.

    If you were the team leader assigned along with your firefighters to accomplish roof-resting battery access, what possible tactics would you consider?

    1) ?

    2) ?

    3) ?

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    In this situation we would not loose time trying to access the battery, if it is obviously not accessible.

    We would work with live systems, putting in additional control measures

    1, Verbal warnings
    2, Safe working distances from undeployed systems
    3, situation awareness
    4, Peel and reveal
    5, avoidance
    6, If time permits safety cuts put in place
    7, safe work zones during metal relocation


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    In SOME cases you MAY be able to access either the ground or the power wires from the BOTTOM of the Engine(not always)We've cut the Positive wire on a few cars in this position. I PREFER NOT to cut the POSITIVE,only in a last resort but it will shut down the power. We use an insulated cable cutter(looks like pliers)so if you use a little discretion,you won't throw sparks everywhere

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