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    Default 1997 Portable 21 CFM SCBA Eagle Breathing Air Compressor BAP15RAFB

    1997 Portable 21 CFM SCBA Eagle Breathing Air Compressor BAP15RAFB

    262 Hours, Serviced in 2010, Diesel or Electric, 21CFM, 5000PSI
    22HP Lombardini engine
    15HP electric motor
    3PH, 230V, 50HZ

    Used for fire bottles or diving tanks / bottles

    Manufactured by Eagle Compressor

    Asking $13,500

    cjbrown29@comcast.net, located in Minnesota, previously used in VFD, serviced 2010

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    Umm, maybe you are not aware that posting items for sale is a violation of the terms of service of FH.com forums?????
    "Loyalty Above all Else. Except Honor."

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    No, I didn't realize that. Since others are listing items, I assumed it was OK.
    Last edited by cjbrown29; 01-05-2011 at 01:47 PM.

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    And upon notification that it is a violation, you did not edit/delete?

    Opinions expressed are mine alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of the Philadelphia Fire Department and/or IAFF Local 22.

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    Obviously, I didn't delete the post. So, how can you explain picking and choosing those you harrass? A fire station selling a fire truck can list and post about their fire truck but I can't say I have a perfectly usable air bottle filling compressor?

    Fair is fair.....ask EVERYONE not to talk about used equipment for sale or don't tell anyone at all.

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    "Because someone else did it" is not a valid justification to violate rules and regulations of any nature. We have enough of that ideology in today's society already. Please take the high and honorable road on this occasion.

    Regular users of the Apparatus Innovation forum visit and contribute for specific reasons.

    Have you considered listing your item on www.govdeals.com ? Many agencies report good results with the auction site. Potential buyers in your equipment would more likely visit that site than this forum.


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