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    Question Fastest way to get Pro-Board in MD???

    I'm in need of some help. Without going into too much detail, whether or not I get hired by a particular department could depend on whether or not I have a Pro Board FF1 Certification within 2 weeks.

    I'm originally from New Jersey, where I took FF1, FF2, EMT-B, and a number of other classes. I recently moved down to Maryland where I gained reciprocity for FF 1&2, as well as EMT-B. The reciprocity for the fire certs was done through Montgomery County. The problem is that the Department I am applying with will only recognize Pro Board and MFRI certs, which I was not aware of until today.

    I went down to the MFRI office and found out that I will not be able to challenge their test until Jan. 19th, which may be too late but I am going to do anyway.

    My question: is there a faster way to get Pro Board certified?

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    The best advice I can give would be to visit their web site, look for wht you need and be govern by that.

    They may give you credit of the NJ stuff. BTW Why have you waited to get pro board certification?

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    It wasn't made public until recently that there would be separate classes. I never got Pro Board certified because when I moved down here I got reciprocity through the county and thought that would be acceptable. If I had known, I would have done this a long time ago.

    Turns out that I will be able to take care of this through MFRI sooner than anticipated.

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