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    Default choosing a cutter for wood work

    hi everyone. we are not in rescue job. we are clearing forest from dead trees and replant them. this is our job. i hope not problem for you. we are clearing forest from dead wallnut and oak trees. but in our area deers and bears living and it is prohibited to make noise, so we can not use heavy equipment or chain saws. only axes. when i see your forum i realized to cut 5-8 inch root branches with a tool you use. an electric unit and a rescue cutter i planned. first of all is it possible to use them for this kind job. secondly if yes, what kind of system you prefer. probably a wide opening high pressure 10500 psi cutter and 220volt electric 10500 psi unit i decided, but i have no idea about them. and cutters are very widely priced i see. i see up to 127ton force cutters on market but they are probably very expensive, and maybe the light models has not enough force to cut roots. so i need help to choose the right combination (on the other hand i have no idea for cutter can cut root, maybe the most powerfull models can not cut too, no idea!). we are in Turkey Europe and here we have not a market for these tools, so i can not go to a dealer for trying it. we can not try it, only choose from catalog paying cash and get it from importer. what can you suggest us. and maybe you can try cutting thick wood for us to see is it possible. also i read from this forum that power is not the only issue. i mean a more powerfull cutter may not cut while a less powerfull one can cutting. so what can you say for us. if this can be possible our efficiency rise up very high. we are not well with using axe for taking big roots from soil. waiting for your answers. thanks for your help.
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    If you use the 220 volt system, you will still need to run a "noisy" generator, and the higher psi systems will still run on a gas power unit. The power unit is pretty much a gas powered hydraulic pump, and makes as much noise as the generator. If transplanting is what you are trying to do, then a backhoe or a transplant machine will be your best bet, although pricey. If your intent is to just remove the trees, then the best alternative would be a sawzall, reciprocating saw, and you can get those in batter operated and has more uses once your project is complete.

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