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    Default Flame-sim Training simulator

    I read an article and done some research online on the Flame-sim software, and was wondering if anybody's departments actually had this software and have used it? If so is it a good training tool for the whole department from probies all the way to line officers. Or is it just a tool for firefighters, or just for line officers? Is it worth the money? I'm a lieutenant in a small volunteer department in upstate New York , and am looking for ways to excite and train our new members as well as show our older members how much things have changed since they took their last state class twenty couple years ago........

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    call flamesim, they have a list of departments using it and will share there names and numbers with you.

    i have used it and liked it, we will apply for grant this year and then if not shoot to purchase next year.
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    wow... I never had seen this before.. Looks like a really good tool. Now if I only had the cash to buy it for my dept because I know this would never fit into our budget.

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    The smoke and mirrors are all well and good, showing the average citizens how to approach and combat a fire.

    BUT, if you did this all the time what would you do if the real thing came in in the next 5 minutes, when the tones drop??

    A big difference in watching a video or a simulation and the real fire licking at your tail. Most are not in an confined area as the ones shown in their ad and video.

    Its a good fire prevention tool but that is all.
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    a $1,500 firefighter video game?

    Guys... seriously?

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    Looks like a great tool for incident command and company officer training. I think it is even better because it does involve the firefighter, who gets to play with an xbox controller. The FF also get to pay more attention to the command level decision making process then they would at a REAL fireground because they are not dragging hose, swinging a tool or have a pumper at high idle next to them.
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    Our department actually just ordered the Flame-Sim...from what we've gathered it should be a pretty useful tool for scene size up's, incident action plans, and actually carrying out the plan. Of course, not the real thing, but at least it will give guys an idea of how an incident should flow. I also understand that you can manipulate the scenarios and set them up as you wish, so that should be pretty cool. We are excited to see how it works out.
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