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    hi...i'm new to im a volunteer firefighter residing in philippines. we have an old fmc fire truck that need a pump overhaul. is it still possible to download a repair/parts manual for the pump? its a fmc bean model 5ta9h serial#10fc8 thanks

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    That's a tough one. Can somebody remind me of the chain of merger for the FMC company? Wikipedia says they tried to expand into aerials but flopped & shut down in 1990, but I was thinking they got gobbled up by Grumman, which got gobbled by KME. I can't remember.

    Check --they say they service FMC pumps, so they might have access to manuals you could buy.
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    Good luck, we have a 89' FMC, which is a great truck, the only down fall is when the pump has issues. FMC made their pumps "inhouse" and the only way to get parts is to salvage them from the junk yard. We has some issues with the impeller, which we had to send off to a machine shop too have a new one made. The best advice that I can give you is once you get your pump up and running take very good care of it and it will take care of you. Again Good luck Brother.
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    We had a fmc roughnecks (circa '84) on my first and second departments. Both pumps had questionable leaks. That was around 2000. Parts were very hard to find. We had pump manuals at both departments but both trucks have been sold since. Good luck.
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