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    Default Where do you go?

    Where do you go for reviews, comparisons or others input when you are thinking about purchasing a piece of firefighting or EMS equipment be it for the department or yourself?

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    I'm a hands on kinda guy, when we're looking to buy a new piece of equipment we get with the closest Dept that has a similar piece of equipment and we go check it out. Everything may look good on paper, but until you get your hands on it you'll never truly know.

    We kept this in mind when purchasing our new (To us) Ladder truck, we went down to inspect the truck numerous times and sent different personnel down to drive and operate the truck. We asked other Departments that had similar aerials how they liked them. Got as much information as we could, even sent our mechanics down to inspect the truck and had the Ladder inspected before purchase. The more hands on information you can gather the better.
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    Funny you mention that. I'm working on building a site for that very thing... I used to sell apparatus, I've been on a truck committee, and figured there's got to be a better way.

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    for personal or station equipment, I talk to those who use what ever it is Im looking at. I also will set up a demonstration or see if there is one we can train with. For exsample, on our new truck after talking to tons of people in person and on here, we couldn't decide between the Ventmaster and Stihl saws. We put em head to head on our roof simulator having both experienced and inexperienced guys use them, then hashed it out based on what we witnessed. (we chose stihl)
    As for apparatus.... this place is a gold mine for good information/input. From research & development to specking, You all were a great help with our new truck & if i could I'd buy you all a beer. The other thing i think helped a lot was getting out and visiting other departments who had what we were looking at and getting their input.

    Reading and talking only get you so far, you got to get out and get some hands on time with what ever it is your purchasing.
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    1. Talk to people. Pick up the phone to departments that have similar equipment and ask them if they'd purchase it again, what they'd change, etc.

    2. Visit! Make arrangements to look at equipment, vehicles, etc.

    3. Go to trade shows. Allow a lot of time to ask a lot of questions to many different vendors. Look beyond the chrome and well-laid-out booth, look at the small stuff. Ask the vendor why you should buy HIS product.

    4. Ask the vendor to do a demo at your station. Any salesman worth a damn will be there. If he's too difficult to make arrangements with for a demo, how's he going to be after the sale?
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