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    Default Android Shift App

    I am an 18 year fire service veteran. I have created a couple of apps to help with the odd schedules that firefighters and ems works.

    Shift Adder Pro is for those of us who work 24/48 or 24/72. This app replaces a shift calendar for android phone users. Your work shifts are added directly to your calendar on the phone and synced with google or your exchange calendar.

    Shift Adder Platinum is for those who worked a more complicated schedule. i.e 10/14's, 48/96, or Military Kelly shift. ANY repeating shift pattern can be added to your calendar with this app.

    Both apps have a free or trial version. The paid versions will add your shifts for up to one year at a time. I recommend trying the free version first to ensure they work properly on your phone.

    Thanks for your time. Please everyone stay safe.

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    Are you planning to create this App for iphone?
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    Default Iphone app

    Yes. I plan to port this to the iphone. Waiting on a macbook now. Would you like to test the beta when it is ready?

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