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    Default Getting it Done In "Six": Jacking Dash

    Let's compare notes. You have all the tools needed to accomplish the task of 'jacking' or lifting of the front dash and instrument panel off a trapped front occupant. Can you condense all that you and your department do to complete this task down to just six steps?

    Everyone tells us that the incident commander at an incident scene can manage up to 7 things, with 5 being the ideal number. That's just standard NIMS training. So, as rescuers can we explain jacking the dash in 6 steps so we can remember them all at an incident scene?
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    1. Stabilization/Control Battery
    2. Take windows/windshield
    3. Pop Door
    4. Make cuts in base of A post
    5. Relief cut in fender and/or center of dash
    6. Place spreaders perpendicular to side of the vehicle in the cut in the a post and lift away
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