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    Hi all, I am 21 and live in the DFW area and am looking at starting training to firefight. Right now I am looking for any and all advice that pretty well anyone in the field is willing to give me and every time I try and look something up on the internet this forum always seems to pop up in my search.

    So, in short I suppose I'm just curious what other people have done to get hired on in the past and what I could do that would help give me a leg up more than anything. I am currently looking into training academies in my area and looking at online training as well. Are there preferences at departments as to which one you do? Do you get better experience getting your EMT and medic through physical school vs. online or does it matter? And does anyone know of any good academies in the DFW area other than Tarrant County College? I have been trying to get into the EMT class there for the last 3 semesters and with it having no prerequisites or other requirements it makes it almost impossible to get signed up for the class just because of the sheer volume of people trying to take it.

    I appreciate any tips/advice that I can get at the moment. I'm testing in areas that I can test without any certs already so I've got that covered and I am working on making some contact in stations here local to me so maybe the guys I meet can help me get a job when I get my certifications done. Again, just looking for any advice I can get right now.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Have you applied with Dallas?

    Sounds like you might try online

    In your area most are looking for paramedic

    I take it you check the commission web site weekly
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    Training is great even the online, yet with that said I would advise a hands on course it is going to open you a lil more in the physical aspect of this career. From my view as a instructor I have seen many a acadamey across the country that would be a great set in your "tool box". Work on your fitness as well because this is not a easy career in the least. Then watch for the exam or slot postings to see what is available in your area. I can also say if you get the chance maybe look at a ride along with one of the departments around your area to feel out what it is like. Good luck.

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