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    Default emergency driving SOP

    I am the chief of a 100% volunteer fire dept. in rural ohio. I would like to see some examples of emergency driving SOP's, so I can update our stations protocol. If anyone has them electronically, can I get a copy? no sense in re-inventing the wheel here... thanks
    Chief Wiechman

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    PM me your email address.
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    We are currently updating our SOG's, so I do not have a copy to send you.

    Some considerations that you want to include in an emergency driving SOP are:

    a. The operator has a valid drivers license. Also, include if the operator loses their license
    (DUI, etc.) that they report this immediately to the chain of command, so the officers
    know the operator cannot operate the apparatus.
    b. The fire appratus are to stop at all school buses that are letting students off.
    c. Any qualification(s) that are required (either by statute and/or departmental policy) of
    the operator (EVOC course, pump training, etc.)
    d. Consideration of heavy vehicles (water tanker, etc.) and their use on nonpaved roads,
    bridges, etc..
    e. Policy to prohibit operators from driving apparatus, while under the influence of alcohol.

    Hope this helps.

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    1. Drive it like you stole it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MemphisE34a View Post
    1. Drive it like you stole it.
    2. When you wreck it, run like the wind.
    I'm the one Fire and Rescue calls, when they need to be Rescued.

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