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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRider245 View Post
    Anyone ever break out the ol' distributor nozzle for these things, or just when ISO comes?
    Distributors and or cellar nozzles have been long gone..
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

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    If you have the right tools, Take your digital thermometer and quickly locate the hotest area, then shove a 150 GPM piercing nozzle through the ceiling. If it hasn't vented, the steam will snuff it out. (If it has vented it will take a little longer.)
    Then you open up the roof. A lot of people poo pah piercing nozzles, and it is because most have never used one in the right application.
    It is like having a 150+ GPM sprinkler head with foam. You are also eliminating the possibility of a backdraft since you are not introducing air into a smoldering attic (if that is the case).
    We have used them for years. Some like them and some don't. The ones that don't, refuse to give 'em a shot, and the ones that do like them use them at every opportunity.

    Please don't try and tell me that you can't get 150 gpm out of a p.nozzle. We have tested them with flow meters and you absolutely can.

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    I have been rethinking this topic since I saw it brought back to life today.

    First of all, fireslayer123...DUDE, if the piercing nozzle works for you I say FANTASTIC. Why so confrontational right off the bat about using it?

    Secondly, considering that so many roofs today are lightweight construction perhaps the tactic of getting underneath it and opening up isn't so smart anymore. If we are talking about a fire actually IN the attic space and attacking the structural members time is of the essence. Regular trusses with gusset plates don't survive active fire very long, and now with the glued trusses there is even less time, before we have failure and potential collapse.

    I am thinking that we need to look at smoke and fire conditions before we commit to interior ops. If we have active fire blowing out of the roof or gable vents, or if we have dark brown or black smoke pushing out of the roof vents or gable end vents entry may not be the smart tactic. Perhaps hitting the fire from the gable end to try and knock it down makes more sense, at least initially.

    OF COURSE, if we have victims inside we should make an attempt to get them out. The danger of attic fires is often hidden by the fact there is little or no smoke or heat in the living area of the home and this can lull us into a false sense of security.

    This is counter to how I feel about being an aggressive interior firefighter. But perhaps we need to take a second look sometimes.

    I am prepared to be flamed and called a safety sally...
    Crazy, but that's how it goes
    Millions of people living as foes
    Maybe it's not too late
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    I don't think you can be flamed for advocating tactics based on the fire conditions you see. There's a time to be aggressive and a time to be cautious. A well established attic fire in residential lightweight construction is definitely a time to be cautious.

    In general if the fire has already vented through the roof then we're probably going to start off defensive and hit it hard with master streams. It had time to burn through the sheathing/plywood so the state of those gusset plates is a real concern. If it looks like the fire has a good hold in the attic and is pushing, but hasn't vented yet then we will try a quick hit from the gable vent before possibly sending guys in. If it's not clear how much of a hold the fire has, then sending a team in to check is probably warranted.
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