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    Default Escape belt (pac mule)

    Has anyone had any experience with the pacmule truckmans belt or any suggestions for an escape belt that can carry a halligan bar because most belts i look at have an axe holster but can't accommodate a halligan bar which is one tools i carry most on scene.

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    I ordered one to use as an escape belt and had to send it back. The belt's overall size was too wide to accept a belt mounted bailout bag. I wanted it for the same reason as you, to have a good escape belt but at the same time use it to carry a tool.

    After I sent it back I got a CMC escape belt. Fully Kevlar and was under 100 bucks. I am more than happy with it.

    I think the PacMule makes a great ladder belt, but it's bulky for an escape belt. If you HAVE to have a tool mount, check out the Colorado belt.
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