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    Quote Originally Posted by neiowa View Post
    Yes work great. Otherwise known at a Hydrashield Precon valve. Obvoiusly can get a better deal from local dealer than from edarley.
    The major drawback of a precon is the loss of GPM's because of the size reduction because of how they are made (when drafting). If your not going to need to pump capacity then a precon is a good tool. If a large amount of water is needed you either take off the precon or use two intakes.

    As with any intake valve ask the dealer what it will do on the draft. Sure it can flow 1500 gpm, but can it draft that much?

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    Saltspring: One of our MA companies recently purchased a rear suction engine with a butterfly valve right at the pump. They also spec'd a separate primer that runs to the high point in the rear suction line. When ready to take water from the drop tank behind the engine, they simply operate the rear primer, fill the suction and then operate the valve on the rear suction line. No loss of water at all.

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    Default 6inch Barrel Strainer Fix

    A quick easy fix for a 6inch barrel strainer when no low level strainer is around - Cut a piece of inner tube from the average car/pick up truck tube that measures 10inches wide and the same length as the barrel strainer you're using. after connecting your hardsleeve and strainer to the engine, lay the cut piece of tube on top of your strainer and hold in place with rubber bands. this will still allow a good flow of water into the strainer and it's not drawing from the top side. Real easy, real quick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saltspringfire View Post
    Timely thread...

    Last night we were practising for our Tender Shuttle Accreditation and we ran in to a problem with using 6" suction.

    How do you switch between your on board tank and porta-tank if you do not have a MIV on your engine?

    Why not use dual 3" hard suction thru 2 1/2" inlets? You can open and close as you need run single or double depending on water level and availability.

    Any other suggestions?
    That's about all you can do other than investing in a big fat keystone valve, an item I swear by. We just used it yesterday morning on a mutual aid structure fire.

    Ya gotta have a valve on it.
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