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    Default Turnout gear - material choice

    Hello from Australia - I have a question, does anyone have any experience with structural turnout gear made with "Titan"?
    Our service is currently looking to replace our 'Nomex' gear, 'PBI Gold' is also in the running -- any thoughts about moisture barriers pros/cons? we currently don't have them but are more than likely heading that way. Really interested on any feedback you can give. our current gear is Nomex, which still hasn't been ruled out, we're looking strongly at PBI Gold however we have some concerns about the colour due to visibility (not fashion) our Nomex is Lime Green which is really good not quite flouro, the PBI Gold is quite dark/dirty to look at by comparison - moisture barrier seems the go either way - we have heard about a newer product being used in Europe called 'Titan' which apparently is a performance match or better than PBI Gold in flashover etc and is available in a wide range of colours including a Nomex like 'green'

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    Here's something to get you started:

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