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    Default Any new reality tv firefighter shows?

    Last year Danger Coast was on for a while and a new series based on Volunteer firefighters is in production. But, I was wondering with all our hundreds of channels if anyone has seen any new reality tv shows based on firefighters lately?

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    Here's a clip from a TV show that went out in the UK that followed Manchester Fire and Rescue: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mAA1QmLr12Y it's a pretty decent clip, Manchester are the second biggest Brigade in the UK and are extremely busy, some of their crews can almost guarantee a decent job every shift. They also get attacked on a regular basis by kids who set a fire then attack the crew that turns up with rocks, bats, knives and axes they've stolen off the fire engine the week before. These guys have to contend with a lot!

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    No, I have not seen.

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