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    Default CPR? There's an app for that

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    Thumbs down Good intentions, poorly thought out

    Quote Originally Posted by EastKyFF View Post
    Why do I picture lawyers, reporters and whack-jobs being the first to download this app?

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    How about an AED app? Plug the pads into the headphone or USB jack
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    Quote Originally Posted by RFDACM02 View Post
    Why do I picture lawyers, reporters and whack-jobs being the first to download this app?
    I think it's an interesting idea, but don't see it working well a lot of the time. But I guess if it only works once, it has made a difference right?

    I like the idea of knowing where the closest AED would be. With AEDs starting to pop up in more and more places, I could see this being adapted to be used by dispatch centers to let callers know when one is in close proximity.

    But as far as alerting people to go help? Ehhh... How many times do we get dispatched for a "cardiac arrest" only to find the pt just passed out or better yet, sitting there talking to us when we get there?

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