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Thread: X-Team (?)

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    Question X-Team (?)

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of the X-Team, that used to provide training dealing with heavy vehicle rescue? I believe they were out of Florida. If possible, does anyone know of a way of contact? I've searched all over the internet with no success.

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    They went on vacation with the A-Team. Or with the X-Men. I can't remember.
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    Arrow X Team is out of business

    According to those who were once a part of the group, the X Team is now totally out of business.

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyleach View Post
    According to those who were once a part of the group, the X Team is now totally out of business.
    Anyone looking for great large vehicle rescue training in the USA look no further that Big Rig Rescue
    Billy Leach's team puts on a great course! check out the schedule at Central Carolina Community college, there is a course coming up in the spring
    Have fun!

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    They are defunct.

    If you are in need of some questions regarding this type of training, feel free to contact me. www.bigtruckrescue.com

    I feel we have well qualified instructors on the team. All instructors have a extensive resume in relation to the topic they instruct.

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